About SharaDon Performance

SharaDon Performance makes cars faster! We are the place for automotive engines and transmissions custom installations featuring Dyno tuning and testing. We install turbos, and custom chassis design and installation. Located in Baldwin, Wisconsin, just a short drive from Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a very fast short drive back!

"We were recently invited to an open house at SharaDon Performance, and as par for the course, we were not disappointed," according to an article in the September 15, 2014, edition of Gearhead Daily.

Custom Hotrod Parked In SharaDon Performance Shop Hugo Minnesota.
Inside SharaDon Performance Shop Photo Courtesy Gearhead Daily

"Up until recently, SharaDon's was run to primarily cater to the MOPAR crowd. They've churned out some wicked custom rides, stock resto builds, hardcore turbo-diesel drag trucks and some nice resto-mod builds. That was until they decided to branch out to serve a much more diverse crowd. They added a dyno room for their custom tuning sessions, they have their own paint booth and a clean room just for engine builds of any caliber."

Articles About SharaDon Performance

SharaDon Performance project HemiQuest Torqueflite TCI Converter turbo Holley fuel injectors 647 horsepower.
HemiQuest Project

"It is a shop project that Sharadon Performance called HemiQuest," according to a November 11, 2014, article in bangshift.com entitled eBay Greatness: This Chrysler Conquest TSI Is Perfect With Boosted Late Model Hemi Power. "The 5.7 late model Hemi under the hood is relatively stock, but is helped by a Comp Cam, Manley valve springs, and a 6.1 liter intake. It’s backed up by a 904 Torqueflite, and has a TCI converter. The original rear axle assembly is under the car, including it’s 3.54 gear ratio. Boost is provided by an ON3 78mm turbo, and Holley gets the fuel to the injectors, or in this case the E85. With 14 lbs of boost, and a good tune in the FAST box, this little sucker made 647 horsepower at the rear tires."